Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Good Morning America" Laughing While Whale's Vagina Burns

Please, tell me it was just my imagination, oooooh, running away with me.

Please tell me that I was only imagining it when ABC's Good Morning America reporter was cackling like a harpy in front of the burned-out carcass of a San Diego-area house this morning. Some doofus back in the studio made a "TV-friendly joke" (completely forgettable and with no cussing) as they tossed it live to a reporter in the charred hills around San Diego. The reporter in the field was LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY at whatever lame-ass joke it was...five feet in front of somebody's ruined home...and then changed his tone instantly into a somber, reserved pitch.

I turned on the TV before leaving for work. It gives the dogs something to listen to throughout the day. ABC's Good Morning America was on, and I watched this exchange in horror for a few moments before I had to leave for work. I've never seen such insensitive reporting from the site of a major catastrophe. It's one thing to be safely tucked in a studio 1000 miles away to make an inappropriate comment (hola, Brother Wolf Blitzer and your Katrina-inspired "so poor, so black" gaffe), but to be on site, looking at people's lives being destroyed by these fires, and to laugh on what's left of their property... wow.

If I can find this clip on YouTube or something, I'm definitely posting it. Please tell me I was just still asleep, or on Comedy Central or something. Anything.

Don't tell me broadcast journalism standards of taste and decorum are that bad.

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