Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Generation Needs a New Chris Crocker

It seems like so long ago when Chris Crocker, the little boy who looks a little too much like real woman Rebecca Romjin, told us all, while wearing a touch of mascara and crying like evangelical teenager at a Michael W. Smith concert, to LEAVE BRITNEY SPEARS ALONE RIGHT NOW!

I, for one, heeded his advice. I left Britney Spears alone right then and there, and her life has been going swimmingly since.

But my friends and readers and random strangers I may never meet, we need a new Chris Crocker, somebody to take the reins of a New Revolution, to launch a rallying cry on a viral video that will save all if us from certain terror:

George Lucas is planning a "Star Wars" tv show.


Please, stop.

You've pissed on my beloved childhood memories of seeing your films in the old Plaza theater in Annapolis. You can't leave those movies alone, and you botched the prequels by having too many computer generated characters and not enough, well, plot and story line.

Now you want to put Star Wars on TV full of minor characters?

That show's already been done. It's called "Bad Syndicated Sci-Fi Show That Fans Praise For Its Stellar Writing With Furry Fan Fiction on Message Boards Across the World But the Rest Of America Couldn't Pick the Cast Out of a Police Lineup with Bill Cosby, Leslie Bibb and Clay Aiken."


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Jan Louis said...

Current Good Sci-fi = Battlestar Galactica (with or without Tricia - it's still good, she's just amazing eye candy who does a decent job of acting)

Borderline sci-fi thats also good = Heroes & LOST

Past good sci-fi (other than the obvious Star Treks -Next Gen & DS9)= Farscape, Firefly;

But generally the networks wouldnt see a good show if it bit them in the arse other than X-Files w/o all the conspiracy junk episodes - when they did their "monster of the week" stuff was the best! Like modern day Kolchak the night Stalker!

As for Lucas, he's just a sell out now. He's trying to figure how to continue to generate those toy sales, which is his REAL money maker - not the schlock he calls his current filmaking career.

Thank GOD that Speilburg is in charge of the next Indy film & Lucas is just a silent partner.