Thursday, November 29, 2007

cris collinsworth hates demarcus ware

live-blogging the Pack-Cowboys game...Cris Collinsworth commented on DeMarcus Ware and the good downfield coverage he played. "DeMarcus Ware, what a tool he is."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

As Promised, Something Funny

Well, funny-ish.

I hung out with a group of skydivers last night at Chadwicks in Georgetown. I met about ten of the folks, and nearly all of them were lawyers or legal assistants. One of the few non-lawyers was an actual rocket scientist.

Could the exciting world of law not be nearly as exciting as the LSAT Prep Courses make it out to be????

(or, are lawyers the only ones who can afford the nearly 300 dollar class and tandem jump needed to get started? OR...the gas needed to drive down to Skydive Orange in the more rural part of Virginia?)

Still, I promised that my motto for 2008 will be "Skydive at 35!" My birthday weekend next March will include a skydive.

maybe not my skydive, but somebody's...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Completely Forgot To Post This - Cars Hit People

On Friday night around 5:45pm, I was driving home on Columbia Pike next to the high-rise apartments. I stopped at the traffic light at Scott Street, a light drizzle coming down from the heavy cloud cover. A woman wearing fairly dark clothing was crossing Columbia Pike, from north to south, at that crosswalk. Another woman, this one clad in a sedan, made a left from Scott on to Columbia Pike, hitting the walker, and sending her tumbling to the pavement.

The Bionic Woman may not be doing the ratings NBC wanted, but this woman must have been made of Jaimie Summers' spare parts. She was unhurt - how, I have no idea. The driver pulled over, and was in tears, but the walker/tumbler/Terminator assured her that she was fine.

I've never seen anybody get hit by a car before...and I certainly have never seen anybody GET UP UNSCATHED after being hit by a car, either.

I view this as a lesson - drivers need to be more careful as the early sunsets of the fall turn daylight into night rather quickly.

AND...folks may think that the all-black ensembles may make them look gorgeous, but flashing a bit of color increases the visibility, and might just save a life.

Sorry for the soapbox. I'll write something funny tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Obscure Pop Culture Reference: Minnesota's Worst Nightmare

Obscure Pop Culture Reference: Minnesota's Worst Nightmare

Do you SEE how powerful the Madden Curse is? Even a mere mock up knocks out Adrian Peterson for a week!

This is why, this is why, this is why you suck

Not you, my dear reader, but the general, all-encompassing YOU that is the typical D.C. area policy wonk. Even more specifically, the person who can't wait to use any and every social encounter as an opportunity to pontificate about the glories of their chosen political party.

To be blunt, the Drunken Right Wing Republican Nazi Pittsburgh Steeler fanbitch at Summer's Bar on Sunday afternoon.

Now, to my way of thinking, pretty much any of those above descriptors would be enough to scare me like a little kid watching "The Omen," but this one, much like my school bus, was special.

She was loud. And apparently thinks less of Hillary Clinton than Prime Minister Bhutto thinks of General Musharraf.

As our group of football fans was seated next to her, she sort of glommed on to our party like a barnacle on a ship's hull. And once she started talking, she went from being "mildly attractive" to "Oh dear God somebody stop her from reproducing!"

She told the bar, quite loudly, that Hillary is a whore. She didn't put it lightly; she used that word, and that word had several wingmen, like "F-Bomb" and "C-Bomb."

She told us that the Republicans are the best. The F-Bomb best. That her family back in Pittsburgh was the best. Because they, like Bush, are Republicans. And Republicans are the best. Because they're not C-bombs like the C-Bomb Democrats.

She told us that Hillary was a bitch, and said something about Obama being black-ish or something.

Bear in mind, she said all of these Unapproved RNC talking points in about three minutes, plus other statements, before she simply stood up and walked out the door.

Here's what I don't get - it's Sunday. Veteran's Day. NFL Football is on 20+ TVs in this bar, plus English Premier League soccer. Nobody in a 100-foot radius around her was even THINKING about politics. But she had to bring it up anyway.

The goal of every political party is to win elections. Having a list of negative points about an opponent's policy or voting record is a rock-solid way of proving the superiority of your party. Calling an opponent a C U iN Toledo in the middle of a sports' bar makes you look like a dumbass.

Which, once again, supports my decision to be a registered Whig.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Minnesota's Worst Nightmare

Beware of the Curse!!!

Congratulations on the new single game rushing record, Adrian, but if EA Sports calls, just say no! The Curse is strong!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Game of the Century (granted, it's a young century)

If you watch ESPN for more than like, what, 30 seconds, you'll quickly gather that the entire sporting world will grind to a halt to watch the New England Patriots play the Indianapolis Colts this weekend. A match-up of two undefeated teams this late in the season is rare, and the fact that Indy has been very good, while New England has been downright shockingly good, and this game has more hype than a nude picture of a circa 2004 Lindsay Lohan picture.

Let's hope this game doesn't look like a strung-out 2006 nude LiLo photo.

The Colts are playing methodical, yet exciting football. The defense is quite solid, and the offense has been a typical Peyton Manning offense. But the Patriots...they're not just winning games, they are embarrasing the other team. It's like watching a college team playing toddlers each week - it's not even close. New England is winning games by 25, 35, 45 points each week. They are SCARING teams. The Patriots just clobbered a very decent Redskins team this past weekend, 52-7, and the score could have been worse for Washington had the Pats not put in second and third stringers. Tom Brady has more touchdown passes than hot ex-girlfriends...and he has a lot of hot ex-girlfriends. Wes Welker has been every bit as good as his former roommate and buddy, Baltimore Raven Mike Smith, said he'd be. Randy Moss's hands are so amazing, he could catch an STD from a virgin in a different state.

In 20 years, the Patriots will replace "the boogeyman" as a child's nightmare. Parents will warn their brood about the evils of Team Belicheck. Jason Campbell will wander the earth, mumbling like an earthquake victim, mumbling "so...many...fumbles..." over and over again.

DAD: "Eat your vegetables, so you can be big and strong."
UNRULY KID: "I don't wanna."
DAD: "Finish your meal, or the boogieman will get you."
UNRULY KID: "There's no such thing as the boogieman."
DAD: "Better eat your vegetables, or the 2007 Patriots are gonna get you."
UNRULY KID: "eeeek! More Brussel Sprouts, please!"

If I have kids, I'm gonna put pictures of Mike Vrabel around their beds to keep them in line.

If the Colts win this weekend, that's what Super Bowl Champs are supposed to do. If New England wins, nobody, not even my beloved Ravens, will stop them this season. Maybe the X-Men might, but only if Wolverine guards Randy Moss.

Adieu Cingular 3125, Hello ATT Tilt

Replaced my 3125 that was full of fail with the Tilt that is, so far, not full of fail.

Most people who have 3125's love the danged thing. I read so many wireless blog's detailing the phone's strenghts and tons of features. The only drawback was that the microSD slot was under the SIM card, and to switch microSDs required a shutdown of the phone.

My 3125 rebooted for no apparent reason. It refused to recognize the signal towers. It usually couldn't find the microSD card, and instead of saying "I am full of fail and can't find the SD card" it would say "your card is corrupted." Like it was my fault.

The phone had been dropped twice in its year+ of ownership, but the fail had been evident way before the drops. It's basic functionality sucked from day three - PDFs and DOCs wouldn't open, though they were supposed to. It wouldn't sync with any of my PCs reliably.

And I think it shot Kennedy.

In any event, I guess I just got stuck with a lemon, and it was time to go. The Tilt is a dramatic piece of equipment. Touch screen AND a full keypad, easily removable microSD cards, AT&T's kickin' 3G network. GPS hookup

The darn thing even works in my house. Color me stunned.