Thursday, November 01, 2007

Adieu Cingular 3125, Hello ATT Tilt

Replaced my 3125 that was full of fail with the Tilt that is, so far, not full of fail.

Most people who have 3125's love the danged thing. I read so many wireless blog's detailing the phone's strenghts and tons of features. The only drawback was that the microSD slot was under the SIM card, and to switch microSDs required a shutdown of the phone.

My 3125 rebooted for no apparent reason. It refused to recognize the signal towers. It usually couldn't find the microSD card, and instead of saying "I am full of fail and can't find the SD card" it would say "your card is corrupted." Like it was my fault.

The phone had been dropped twice in its year+ of ownership, but the fail had been evident way before the drops. It's basic functionality sucked from day three - PDFs and DOCs wouldn't open, though they were supposed to. It wouldn't sync with any of my PCs reliably.

And I think it shot Kennedy.

In any event, I guess I just got stuck with a lemon, and it was time to go. The Tilt is a dramatic piece of equipment. Touch screen AND a full keypad, easily removable microSD cards, AT&T's kickin' 3G network. GPS hookup

The darn thing even works in my house. Color me stunned.

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Jan Louis said...

My phone is STILL Manlier than your Tilt - which I recall is some strange Beer + Energy drink combined in one....