Thursday, November 15, 2007

As Promised, Something Funny

Well, funny-ish.

I hung out with a group of skydivers last night at Chadwicks in Georgetown. I met about ten of the folks, and nearly all of them were lawyers or legal assistants. One of the few non-lawyers was an actual rocket scientist.

Could the exciting world of law not be nearly as exciting as the LSAT Prep Courses make it out to be????

(or, are lawyers the only ones who can afford the nearly 300 dollar class and tandem jump needed to get started? OR...the gas needed to drive down to Skydive Orange in the more rural part of Virginia?)

Still, I promised that my motto for 2008 will be "Skydive at 35!" My birthday weekend next March will include a skydive.

maybe not my skydive, but somebody's...

1 comment:

Cheetah Kittens said...

That's awesome!! I want to skydive too!