Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Today is "Catch Up" Day

I have had a lot of things that I wished to blog about, and I'll try to get a lot of them posted today.

#1) From the "Don't Say I Didn't Warn You" file: - CBS has cancelled "Viva Laughlin" after two episodes.

I wrote earlier:

Viva Laughlin - Drama/Musical - This is Hugh Jackman's production of a casino manager in the resort area of Laughlin, Nevada. It's supposed to be a musical drama, and before you can say "Cop Rock" this sucker will be gone. It's got pretty people, it's decently-shot and written, BUT, the idea of having a musical is for song-and-dance routines, right? Except these folks don't dance much, and the singing is actually karaoke. They have the original song going simultaneously, so these actors are pretty much mouthing the words. So, if the actor is singing an Elvis song, Elvis is singing right along with the actor.

It looks pathetic, though Hugh Jackman's cool.

I could have saved CBS a lot of money and a lot of embarrassment if they'd just asked me first. "Telecomic, the Telecomedian, does this show suck?" and I'd have said "Oh yes. Yes it does. Like a new prisoner trying to save his ass."


Jan Louis said...

I am surprised this doeasnt have a "prisoner trying to save his ass" label on it!

Just wondering how long Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles will last. Any takers?

Telecomedian said...

syndicated on Friday nights for dateless men, it'll crush.