Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Love Didn't Tear Them Apart; Synthesizers Did.

This must be the gloomiest street in America, only because it's blissfully unaware of the entendre.

I saw "The Darjeeling Limited" this weekend, Wes Anderson's latest long film full of uncomfortable silence, awkward characters and inspired cinematography. While I'm not sure if "TDL" is worth a full review - it's a Wes Anderson film; you either like his work or you don't, and you surely know the answer by now - but I was fascinated by the preview of the Ian Curtis biopic "Control."

Here's a Salon piece on the movie, written by an unapologetic Joy Division fan. I was an early convert, as I still have "Substance" and "Closer" on vinyl. As I'm somewhat aware of his story, I figure a Curtis biography would be vital, and past due like a library book.

For those unaware of the power, or, I should say, the influence of Joy Division, I want you to listen to pretty much any new indie rock. Tune your XM to channel 43, XMU, or surf over to Myspace, and search for "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness." Or, click your iPod over to "The Killers" or "My Bloody Valentine" or "Interpol" or "The Strokes" get the picture.

And then hit up the music supplier of your choice (iTunes, Hypem, Rhapsody) or, better yet, a real honest-to-God record store, and listen to "Substance." It's their best-of, and it's friggin' dark, and bleak and wonderful.

I'm assuming it will play at the E Street Cinemas, The AFI in Silver Spring or Shirlington's Artsy Theaters, but there's nothing listed for it yet.

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Jan Louis said...

OH yeah I wanna see it like hot women? HAHA! The Label was almost better than your article! But that's fine, I'll just attribute it a temporarily gloomy attitude. Joy Division indeed!