Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Why it's good women plan weddings...

If more guys would insist on the details of a wedding:

1) Invitations sent out in a tasteful camoflague
2) `80s themed weddings. Bridesmaids wearing Madonna outfits, groomsmen looking like Don Johnson.
3) Using phrases like "If our wedding table doesn't have one of those inflatable NFL chairs depicting my favorite team, this wedding is OFF!"
4) 3-tiered wedding cake by Krispy Kreme
5) No way the bride's wearing white, so he can show his crew he tapped that WAY before the honeymoon, boy!
6)The Wedding March as performed by Aerosmith
7) Matching cumberbunds on the guys? Bah - clean underwear is a good first step.
8) Stand-up comedy show before the service, bridesmaids tripping on X, and a 300 pound performance artist named Extreme Elvis performing after the vows. EE then drops trou and teabags a midget...oh, wait, that happened at a wedding I went to planned by a guy. Good times and merriment abound.
9) wedding gowns purchased at Hooters and
10) No Electric Slide - just lots and lots of lapdances.

Men! Demand your equal share! If she gets to pick out the flowers, you should pick out the strippers.

But, then again, I am a dreamer.

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