Monday, July 11, 2005

What I've learned this weekend...

Friday - Just because a place advertises "All You Can Drink" for a happy hour special, that doesn't mean I should view it like a personal affront to my dignity. I was chugging martinis like that lil' Japanese dude at the Nathan's Hot Dog contest. Taking the Metro ride-of-shame back to my car...not my smartest manuever ever.

Saturday - I can totally function on three hours of sleep. Hangover? What hangover? Let's go apartment shopping.

Also, mini-golf can be extreme.

Sunday - I've finally encountered one of those killer bees I've heard so much about. Lil' bastard attacked my ankle. I smooshed the lil' bastard, though. I am the big winner in the battle of the bee.

Also, I learned that bars around Capitol Hill should have warning labels. Too...much...alcohol. My liver is quickly achieving "Tully" status.

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