Friday, January 20, 2006

Finally, a ginchy reality show

from : E Online!

Lisa Loeb is appearing in a reality dating series. This boggles my mind.

First off, Lisa Loeb is by the cutest female Jewish singer-songwriter from Texas. She's also had TV experience, so she should be comfortable with the camera.

Second, she's responsible for the reintroduction of the word "ginchy" - termed by Mike Gianinni at WHFS in 1996 for her overall alt.cutehipsexy.mod thing working. Mary Tyler Moore on the Dick Van Dyke show was the original ginchy. Lisa is ginchy in that same vein.

Third, she was dating a Zappa. How can you not love a Zappa?

Fourth, she's Lisa Frickin' Loeb! If she can't find a fella, who can? She's, as previously stated, ginchy. Ginchy goes a long way.

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