Monday, April 18, 2005

Parking by Braille

After spending half of my teens and all of my 20s auto accident free, I popped my car-smashing cherry last year in a spectacular spin-out on 695 near the B-W Parkway. Much like holding your urine at a night out, because you know what happens when you break the seal...I banged up my one year old car while attempting to park.

I was checking out a place Sunday in DC - nice place, near Cap Hill and a dog park. I was attempting to parallel park into a spot when I hit the car in front of me. How - I have no idea. I've been parallel parking since the Nixon Administration. I was born during the Nixon Administration. I have squeezed cars twice the size of my Pontiac Vibe, Raider, into spots half as small.

I have become, simply, a bad parker. I can not handle this.

My quarter panels and front bumper are scratched up. The car I hit has a scuff on the bumper. My car definitely took the brunt of the assault.

My ride needs pimped.

I wonder what my Vibe, Raider, would be like pimped. I watched Xhibit do his thing once - I don't need a fish tank in the floorboards, but I would like a new quarter panel. Maybe a nice Thule roof rack would be keen. Uh...I guess I could use a XM receiver, and an iPod interface for the stereo. Put in a subwoofer while you're at it, X. If I'm moving to the city, I could use those urban steel bumpers that protect my delicate little Vibe, Raider. We could get some shrapnel from Iraq, glue it on. Wouldn't take much. Think about it, MTV - the pimping of my ride would be the cheapest of any pimps so far.

Pimp my ride.

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