Friday, April 22, 2005

Over the moon and under the influence

So, saw the Trashcan Sinatras last night at the Ram's Head in Annapolis. Intimate little place, and a nice change of pace from other clubs. I sat about 10, 12 feet maybe away from the band, and, other than one faulty monitor speaker that was quickly repaired, they sounded amazing.

It was funny to see them be funny. Francis, the bespectacled lead singer, was rather stifled the first two times I saw them. Last night - much looser. He was hilarious in parts, commenting on what people ate, complimenting the meals, and making a new Pope joke that wasn't really offensive. He made a small toast to the new Pope, and said "Here's a song he has no clue about." They launched into "What Women Do To Men," a tune about the befuddling, criminally sexual behaviour of these temptresses.

See, the band's primarily Catholic. That joke would be mean if it was done by System of a Down.

For those keeping score, this is the third time I've seen them in 7 months. Didn't see them for the previous 31.57 years of my life. This time, I actually brought money for swag.

2 t-shirts
3 CDs
1 autographed by the band.
1 of the guys recognized me from Austin.

For the old UNIX guys, @set me=!mad

I am a very, very content dude right now. I might also still be a little drunk from last night, and definitely hungry.

But oh so content!

- mi

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