Monday, October 04, 2004

Get Freddy Adu out of here!

Ok, ok, so we won this weekend. We had a great time.Friendships were made. The Chowderhead rooting sectionbusted on Ken like he was He Who Must Not Be Named forletting Pedro pitch the 8th inning. Nevermind that Kenhad a career day in touchdowns, interceptions, and gotto see Christy take off her pants at point-blankrange.Great game awards to Christy and thestill-mobile-at-32 Chris LaTesta. The Goes Both Ways award goes to Ken for making aninterception, running a TD, catching a TD and seeingChristy take off her pants at point-blank range.The "I'm Not Wearing Underpants" award goes to Jeff,Lexi and Laura through no fault of their own. Thatgirl was GOOD. She'd have juked a lot of people out oftheir underpants. The "Best Impersonation of a 2003 Ravens' WideReceiver" award goes to Scott, who made us allremember the artistic quality of a Frank Sanders'dropped ball.(oh, that's right - got to touch the ball in order todrop it...)No, the big news is from our trusty major stateuniversity and it's daily newspaper. Of course I meanthe U of MD and the Diamondback. 15-year old (allegedly) Freddy Adu has been(allegedly) going to parties in College Park, hittingon college women. This party in question gets bustedby campus buzz, and a kid utters a classic quote:"The cops came and we were like, 'Get Freddy Adu outof here,' and we hopped the fence with him," he said."I think we have an early front-runner on next year'steam name.- Ray "Got Freddy Adu out of Here" Bradley

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