Thursday, June 14, 2007


I seldom embed YouTube videos in my blogs, but this guy deserves it.

I don't love opera as much as I love Opera, but, damn.


This fellow studied to be an opera singer, but life, like it does so often, got in the way. He sells mobile phones - and then makes Simon Cowell stunned.

The opera purists may complain that he has some resonance issues, and some sibilance most likely due to his lack of high-quality British dental work, but damn. That's nitpicky as hell. That'd be like a dude who loves gay disco only listening to Erasure because Andy Bell's voice is better than Neil Tennant's from the Pet Shop Boys. This guy is real, and he loves what he does. There is a joy to that singing that is so evident, so passionate, so accessible.

I don't like opera as a rule, but I will gladly purchase his CDs. Congratulations are in order to this man, and I hope he does well in this competition.

Who'd a thought, that with the NBA Finals, the series ending of The Sopranos, and the never-ending media storm around Paris Hilton, that a chubby, unassuming Welsh opera singer would be the best thing on TV?

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