Monday, June 11, 2007

My Life in Cotton/Lyrca Blend

As though the Nick Hornby book/John Cusack movie "High Fidelity" didn't sum up my ever-so-slightly elitist appeal to obscure indie rock bands quite enough, this t-shirt by cartoonist Richard Stevens nails it.

How was your weekend, dear readers? Mine was booze-filled, with sangria on Friday, margaritas on Saturday, and a Sopranos' Sunday filled with chai liqueur, wine and far too much sugar. Even though I drank a lot, I didn't fall asleep until 5:30am.

Was I wired from the sweets? From the knowledge that Tony Soprano survives?

Perhaps I was just suffering from the shakes.

In any event, this week shall be known "System Clean." Water. Basic foods. Nothing fancy. I feel toxic. Not priddy. And I need my priddyness.

Might paint a picture this week. Not sure what yet. But I found the oils and canvas, and they need to be used.

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