Monday, August 07, 2006

That crying you just heard...

...was Mel Gibson learning that his Hollywood career is, effectively, over.

As no doubt everybody in the solar system knows by now, courtesy of the breathless reporting by every entertainment rag, TV show and wanna-be insider, Mel Gibson made a royal ass of himself last weekend at a traffic stop. Drunk driving and belligerent, sexist, and made anti-Semitic remarks. Pretty much hit the Obnoxious Quartet there, Mel. One more comment, like, say, how you hate black people, and you would have gotten the 5 Team Parlay.

Mel has since sobered up, asked for forgiveness, and pledged to change. I'm willing to give the cat a break - after all, he is admitting to being an alcoholic, and Lord knows booze can mess anybody up.

However, Hollywood is undecided over a Gibson Resurrection, no matter how well The Passion of the Christ did. While some folks have gone apoplectic over his remarks, others are hoping he gets the help he needs. Legendary actress Jodie Foster came to Mel's defense this weekend, having gotten to know him while filming "Maverick." She attributes his weakness not to a hatred of Jews, but on alcohol.

The death knell, though, comes courtesy of Rob Schneider, star of the Deuce Bigalow franchise.

"I, Rob Schneider, a 1/2 Jew, pledge from this day forward to never work with Mel Gibson, actor-director-producer and anti-Semite."

— A full-page ad in Variety, Aug. 3.

Strong words from The Hot Chick.

I'm guessing that Mel will be gnashing his teeth knowing he won't ever be considered for a part in "The Animal 2."

The incredible irony of this whole thing is that two weeks ago, just about every woman on the planet would have LOVED for Mel Gibson to call her "sugar tits."

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