Sunday, August 20, 2006

I made the McPaper (and I use the term lovingly)

My delightful roommate Jayme works for the USAToday as an editor in the Life section. Having a roommate with such a gig allows for some cool hookups - advance copies of TV shows, movie merch, juicy tidbits on various celebs, unpublished pictures of baby pandas. Sometimes I get to assist, not as a real editor or anything, but by giving feedback, proofreading and just by being another set of eyes and ears.

She approached me recently with a request for some Lost-related questions. One of their reporters was going to have a question-and-answer session with the cast, and the paper wanted to have some questions from fans. Sadly, they didn't receive that many good questions, and I'd suspect that many of the ones they received would mirror this sentiment - "Which cast member do you think is the hottest?"
There's only so many times you can ask, or be asked, that question.

So, I dutifully wrote up about 10 or so questions for a few members of the cast, Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Matthew Fox (Jack), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Evangeline Lilly (Kate). I figured that by submitting a few, it would help give the writer some more material, and have something to say to each cast member, rather than focusing all on, say, Holloway or Lilly, leaving poor Terry O'Quinn (Locke) looking lonely and unwanted in the corner.

Here's my question, from USAToday:

Q: Your character came this close to hooking up with Cynthia Watros last season. Did you lose an on-set bet that she got killed off before the big romantic scene?— Ray Bradley

A: "That romance was fun. It meant a lot to me because a guy my size usually doesn't get a love interest in a prime time show. It was a special thing as far as breaking categories. I'm curious how this tragedy may effect him — and finding out that Michael was the cause. There may be some kind of change in him — perhaps more stoic. Or maybe vengeful."

I like how Jorge Garcia answered that question. It appears that he's thought that through, and appreciated being considered for a romantic story arc.

Still, I kinda wished the paper used my favorite questions...

Daniel Dae Kim:
1) How many people figure that you can't speak English, and then are stunned that you're from Pennsylvania? How hard was it to relearn so much of the Korean language?

2) My roommate has a wicked crush on you. Not a question, but, more a comment really.

Evangeline Lilly:

2) You're still pretty new to the acting world, yet you seem to be handling fame a lot better than others - so far, you've kept out of the scandalous tabloids and avoided some of the scuffles with the law other stars have. Is this from a good upbringing or are you just better at not getting caught?

3) I have a wicked crush on you. Not a question, but more of a comment, really.

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