Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I don't often cuss on my blog, but...

Fuck the Patriots. Fuck the paid-off refs who friggin' smoked ground-up moon rocks to see the phantom penalties they called on the Ravens in the 4th quarter tonight.

Fuck the Patriot fans who don't have a single piece of clothing that features the old-school kick-ass Pat the Patriot logo, and instead look like some failed NHL expansion team.

Fuck Belicheat and his hoodie. Looks like he should be moping around on myspace.com. It's 2007; do we need an emo coach? I vote no.

Fuck Tony Kornheiser...while I love his writing, and think he's a fine person, I can't stand him on MNF. His voice makes me yearn for the masculinity that is Bryan Gumble.

Fuck Billick - his complete lack of discipline on that team is so evident; why he can't see it clearly bothers me. Evidently he needs to work on that aspect of the game.

(y'all didn't know I could speak "Billick" did ya?)

Fuck Baltimore...for making me believe the upset was theirs.

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Jan Louis said...

Fuck! Now its up to the 0-12 Dol-Stanks to stop the STOOOPID Patriots. Shula would be rolling in his grave - if he was in it that is.... (Damm the birds who gave me false hope also.)