Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happier Topic - Avenue Q Rawks My Soul

On Sunday, I went to see Avenue Q at the National Theater with a group from MeetinDC. This heartwarming tale of puppets and humans who live in New York City is filled with wonderfully catchy, naughty and hilarious songs. Perhaps you've seen the web clip of "The Internet Is For Porn" as sung by World of Warcraft characters? That's the same show.

I laughed so hard at this show, parts of my body hurt. If it comes to your town, stop what you're doing, and go see this show.

Or else you'll make Trekkie Monster cry.


Cheetah Kittens said...

I can't believe that was the first time you saw Ave. Q... it is the funniest show ever. I saw it opening night, and I've never laughed so hard.

Telecomedian said...

well, aren't you special? Dude, you lived in New York. DC doesn't get opening nights, unless you count the Capital Steps and A Tuna Christmas...which I don't.

Cheetah Kittens said...

Easy tiger... Ave. Q wasn't well known, so the tickets were readily available. How else do you afford Broadway! =)