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Critics say producers stalling to reveal island mysteries

Hollywood – Fan websites of ABC’s “Lost” drama are abuzz with word that an upcoming episode will focus on Vincent the dog and will include flashbacks with a detailed back story. While enthusiastic fans are suddenly speculating that the dog may be the key to solving the central mysteries on the show, critics say the upcoming flashbacks for Vincent proves that the show’s producers are struggling with storylines and are stalling to give viewers answers.

Since the first episode, the producers have been using flashbacks to create richer characters, new mysteries and revelations. Each major character has had a flashback scene, partially explaining their pasts. Since “Lost” became such a ratings hit, the producers had to suddenly slow down the pace of the show and not reveal the mysteries with the originally intended timeframes.

“When they came up with the show, it was in the same vein of Fox’s ‘24’ with the answers being revealed at the end of the season,” said TV critic Chesley Martin of the Hartford Journal-Bulletin. “But now they’ve realized they can keep this show going for five years or more. What’s happening now is that they need to keep coming up with other storylines. They’re obviously grasping at straws, and that’s why you’ll be seeing these flashbacks for the dog.”

Fans on the website believe Vincent the dog may hold the answers to the crucial secrets of the island.

“I never thought about the dog. I just thought he was a dog who took a dump once and a while and did nothing else,” wrote Sayidrules23 on a thread. “But it’s starting to make sense now. The dog was there all along, and we didn’t realize his significance until now. What if this was all in Vincent’s imagination?”

According to the fan website, the upcoming episode will feature three flashbacks for Vincent, all of them will be in black and white as it is believed that dogs see life without color. One of the flashbacks will show Vincent having a brief affair with one of the wild boars on the island. The other flashback will show Vincent as a puppy living in the Arctic with a group of researchers.

“There’s a connection there because of those polar bears that have turned up on the island,” wrote Ekomatters1. “Look to the dog for the answers.”

There’s also speculation about the dog being mentioned in the “Orientation” film shown in an earlier episode this season.

“There were jarring jump cuts in that film,” wrote Ekomatters1. “The character Desmond spliced the broken movie back together after watching it too many times. Those missing pieces will become very important because they will talk about a dog, about the chosen one.”

While speculation runs rampant about Vincent the dog, Dateline Hollywood has obtained new information about the hatch on the show. According to an insider, the idea of the hatch wasn’t created until halfway through the season.

“The hatch was the idea of writer/supervising producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach,” revealed the insider. “Jorge Garcia (Hurley) was supposed to lose like 40 pounds during the filming of the show because of being on the island without proper food, but that guy just got bigger and bigger. So Javier came up with the idea of a hatch filled with food to explain Hurley’s weight in the second season. Then all of these other things developed from the hatch idea. It was brilliant.”

Hurley will also play a central role in one of the flashbacks of Vincent the dog. According to the insider, the flashback will relive a moment early on during the first season when the airline food runs out on the island and Hurley contemplates eating the dog. But as he prepares to catch Vincent, he discovers that the character Jin already has the dog over a barbecue pit. The dog manages to escape both hungry survivors.


This absolutely made my day...mainly because I got depressed at My Death Space, a site that shows deceased people who have pages. The most famous may be Taylor Behl, the young Northern Virginia who was killed last year in Richmond. Her story made national headlines, and served as a cruel reminder to choose your friends in this world wisely. Also, the recent shooting in Seattle has added a couple of Myspace profiles to this slightly morbid, slightly touching site.

The one who registered with me - Dave Seeber, a 21 year old kid from Virginia who went to one of my old schools, Virginia Wesleyan College. Like me, he wrote for the Marlin Chronicle, the campus newspaper, and his bearded picture on his Myspace profile reminds me of another fellow VWCer, Pete Fitzgerald, a.k.a. Artiste. He was burly, bearded fellow who had his choice of football scholarships coming out of high school. He instead chose VWC, a small Division III with no football outside of intramurals. He wanted to draw, paint, sculpt and make art, not run two-a-days, lift weights for ten hours a week, and be considered a dumb jock. Dave's visage reminds me a lot of Artiste - same smile, same beard, same clothing style. As I always liked, and even admired Artiste, seeing the similarities of Dave Seeber made both happy at the good memory, and sad to learn he'd taken his own life. There's no doubt that Dave and I would have known each other at the small school, had I been a decade and change younger.

After reading through all the pages of deaths, seeing everything from suicide, car accidents and soldiers dying in Iraq, it is nice to see these recently-deceased still have a slice of themselves that remains exactly as they left it - playing a favorite tune, showing funny pictures and videos, their blogs whose words will be studied by the living remainder to search for clues in their loved one's passing.

Then, the comments - from friends both in person and via the internet. It's a shame most of them don't find out how much they're loved until after they're dead.

Still, to see these people still alive, most of them so young and filled with promise, bravado or depression, does serve as an effective memorial, and provide a snapshot of the living that a cold gravestone can not.

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