Thursday, September 01, 2005

Best thing ever

Think of this as the iPod Shuffle of music you don't own. Or, a streaming music TiVo. Or, do what I do, and simply think this is the best. thing. ever.

Simply tell Pandora what song or band you like, and it will play music it thinks you will like based on various traits like the tone, key, vocals and instrumentation. The first 10 hours are free, but I'm already in love. TiVo pretty much kicks ass, but it still thinks that because I like the Family Guy, that I like ALL animation, and that I'd love Kim Possible. However, this is much more intuitive - it figures out things a little more intelligently than TiVo. Also, since you're right there listening to this streaming service, you can instantly judge the tunes for appropriateness. You can even buy the song from iTunes or Amazon as it's playing.

What a BRILLIANT idea!

Consider the $36 payment to them for a year a wise investment.

-- This concludes my shameless commercial plug in which I don't receive a plug nickle. I'm like the world's cheapest sell-out. --

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