Friday, August 28, 2009

Just thought of this...

I'm sure somebody else has, too, if you Google for it enough...

Why do we have so many football teams named after birds and cats, two
species that would totally suck at football? Ravens, Falcons,
Seahawks, Eagles, Cardinals, Bengals, Panthers, Jaguars

If a dog is man's best friend, then dogs would like teams named after
people. Patriots, Bucs, Raiders, 49ers, Cowboys, Redskins, Vikings,
Steelers, Packers, Chiefs and, potentially, big dogs would like the
Giants and Titans.

Dogs would be scared of Bears, Chargers and especially the Jets. Loud
noises and what not.

Dogs would run around with the Rams, Bills, Broncos, Colts, and
Texans, potentially trying to herd them.

Dogs would laugh at the Dolphins. Their wacky antics delight us all.

Dogs would never even see the Browns.

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