Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My mother, the Phoenician

The Official Five Paragraph Bitter Mom is moving to Phoenix, Arizona, next week. She just signed a 13-month lease for a two bedroom condo in Ahwatukee, which is apparently a very nice part of town.

It's weird - a woman who, until two weeks ago, had never been west of Columbus, Ohio, is now turning into an Arizonian...Arizonite? Arizonan? Arizonian-American? *shrug*

This should be a good move for her. The people at her new job seem nice, and there's certainly plenty of stuff to do. I'm sure she'll meet lots of active Baby Boomers, many of whom refuse to accept that they're aging themselves.

I think I see why Mom moved there.

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They named a road after her son. How thoughtful!

Oh...wait. There's an IKEA about 4000 feet away. Mom does love the hell out some easy-to-assemble Swedish furniture.


Jan Louis said...

They grow up soooo fast dont they??

HRH King Friday XIII said...

I'm from Arizona. It's a nice place and, yes, she's in a fairly decent part of the suburban sprawl that is Phoenix-metro. Quality of life and cost of living are much better there than the east coast in my opinion. The only sucky part is the seasonal smog, 110 degree summers, and lack of rain. The native term is "Arizonan" or sometimes "Phoneician."

I hope to move back there one day. DC sucks.