Friday, September 29, 2006

me likey post chats, though

When they're not botching captions, the Post does have the best chats in the biz...

Especially when they use my questions :)

Crystal City, VA: Re: The Redskins' trading of draft picks.

The Redskins under Gibbs' first tenure were able to pick up quality players in later rounds or through unsigned free agents. Clint Didier, Dexter Manley, Raleigh McKenzie, Kurt Gouveia - none of those guys were first or second rounders, or even a fourth.

I think that he has retained a bit of that disdain for first rounders - considering Darrell Green and Mark May were about the only ones he used the first time around.

That was before the days of Mel Kiper Jr. and his legion of draftniks and scouts pouring over the college ranks like the Zapruder film.

Draft picks are -MUCH- more valuable now, as scouting has gotten better, and game film is much more available.

This bias will come back to hurt the Redskins. A team made up of second-day guys just won't be able to compete in the 21st Century NFL.

Jason La Canfora: Their philosophy prizes NFL experience more than draft picks. Free agency is their thing.

I'm not the biggest Redskin fan in the world, but how this team can continue to sign big-name free agents and NOT run afoul of the salary cap is beyond me.

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