Thursday, December 01, 2005

Comment Spam and Eggs

Lately, my poor widdle blog has been getting hit with comment spam. For some reason, a post I wrote many months ago, Under the Moon and Over the Influence, about seeing the Trashcan Sinatras, the finest pop export to come out of Scotland since, well, ever, has been the target of spammers. Spammers who apprently aren't too familiar with English. A sample note:

"While reading over the internets, I discover your site and wrote Great Blog! You make goods point. While Under the Moon and Over the Influence is not what I was looking for, click here for great mortgages rating!"

Yeah, I can totally see how schlepping around nightclubs from Austin, DC and Annapolis to track my favorite band on a rare US tour has SO MUCH to do with mortgages. I was thinking, as I was flying back from Austin "Wow, I wish I could buy a place closer to the middle of Austin and DC so I wouldn't have to fly so far to see my favorite band."

That night, I checked out real estate in Memphis online. But I couldn't get a mortgage. Shame I didn't get this spam 8 months ago.

Other comment spams I've received have been from windsurfing places, ceramic tiles and offshore prescription drug outlets - none of these topics have I ever blogged about. Maybe they were just trying to help me find new topics of conversation?

In any event, I have changed the settings of this blog to be limited to registered Blogger members. Hopefully this will cut down on some of this crappy spam. I would apologize for any inconvenience this might cause, but, honestly, my peace of mind is certainly worth the 30 seconds of your time it takes to register.


karl said...

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Telecomedian said...

I'm going to keep this because this is just too damned funny.