Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I'm sure my parents would be proud of me's almost 2:30 am, I have a sales appointment in the morning, and I'm playing XBox live. Specifically, I'm playing MechAssault2 using a neighbor's Wi-Fi connection that he was too stupid to lock down. My new PC is using Internet Connection Sharing off a high-gain 802.11g antenna I picked up @ CompUSA two weeks ago. From there, it's just a crossover Ethernet cable from the PC to the XBox.

I'm almost 32 years old. I think I like video games now more than I did when I was a teenager. Maybe I am still a just a teenager. Maybe I never grew up. Maybe I'm a 21st Century Peter Pan without the green tights. Maybe I am a toys R us kid.

Or, maybe I'm just addicted to digital crack.

Oh, I need a 12 stepper now

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